Jessica Freed reviewed Remède Hydration Therapy — 5 star April 15

Love it!! You will feel amazing, like a whole new person!!!

Sophie B. reviewed Remède Hydration Therapy — 5 star March 15

We were on vacation and Remède Hydration Therapy saved our trip! I was not feeling very well and Remède was so helpful, they came to my hotel room and were so nice. I chose The South therapy for recovery and the IV delivery was so easy. The next day I was back to skiing. Thank you Remède Hydration Therapy!

David P. reviewed Remède Hydration Therapy — 5 star March 6

First time ever doing IV treatment and it was exactly what I needed after a long weekend of skiing, going out and being at higher altitude then I’m used to. Made the flight home 100% better and they came right to our house.

Bo W. reviewed Remède Hydration Therapy — 5 star March 4

Living in Jackson has it’s many perks being such a wild playground for access to the big mountains. Still, to be able to get out and make some top tier memories in the hills you need to be in tip top shape. Recently I was down and out with the beginning symptoms of the flu. Wanted to get ahead of the nausea, body aches and missing more days out in the mountains, so I reached out to Remède. Ali (owner) was beyond accommodating in terms of when we could set up an appointment. This was also an open conversation about what symptoms I was experiencing and presenting me with treatment options that would be the best. Clearly she has a solid background of experience.

In the end Ali and her co-worker came to my house (No extra charge!) after closing hours. They arrived with both a very professional kit of supplies and a very professional protocol for my treatment. The morning following my treatment I could feel my body starting to win the battle over the cruddy sickness that had taken me out for several days. If it is not already clear I am a huge proponent of the work that Remède does, and am very impressed with their customer service and authentic connection to their patients. Would highly recommend them to anyone, and will be my go to when getting sick in this playground. Thanks again Ali!

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